KT1 Kelly Self

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Answers to Questions:

What is your name?

Kelly Self

Are you a graduate student?

No, I am not a graduate student. I am a few classes away from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.

Why did you enroll in this class?

My career goal is to become a Healthcare Administrator or be in Healthcare Management. This course was not required for my bachelor’s degree in HHP, but I wanted to take it because, obviously it addresses the exact things I would need to know for my job.

Have you heard of my class and/or teaching methodology?

No. I didn’t know anything about it until this week and I’ve never heard of something like this.

What are your initial thoughts?

I am very overwhelmed and nervous about this class. I am still a little confused at this time, but it looks like most are until you really get into it. I am used to using Blackboard for class assignments.

What are your expectations of this course?

I am expecting to learn some skills that will be valuable to me in my career.

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