Module 2 – Katie Bieker

Good afternoon, Dr. Schwandt and classmates.  I am very behind but planning to catch up as best I can.  I work in healthcare administration and my world has been completely taken over by Covid-19.  As such, school has sadly been put on the back burner.  I had planned to strive for the highest grade possible in this course.  Now I have a new goal – to contribute by creating some content that will give all of you real-life examples of the topics covered in this course as I’m experiencing them during this unprecedented time.

For Module 2, I completed the following two blogs and one map during these past few weeks.  Combined they cover all of the required questions and topics.

Module 2, Blog #1:
What is the Purpose of Healthcare Administration During a Pandemic?

Module 2, Blog #2:
The Function of Teams in Healthcare During a Pandemic

Plectica Map:
Ten Steps to Systems Thinking
For this map I used the example of the drive-through lab we developed for patients to get the lab work they need without having to go inside the hospital.   

I hope you find these examples and stories interesting and helpful as we learn about healthcare administration together.  I will have more assignments complete soon.  Have a good weekend!



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