KT10 Jaime McHugh


I think that I did the function map correctly; I was running out of free cards and had to consolidate them a little bit but I think that most people would find the function map at least interesting to know. Enjoy!

PS- I completed the survey monkey

4 thoughts on “KT10 Jaime McHugh

  1. I ran into the same problem a few assignments ago. you’ll have to use a different email to use the promo link that was sent out a couple weeks ago. Then you’ll have unlimited cards. Way to use your resources though! Looks great!

  2. Looks great, Jamie. You seem to be one to always be on schedule and go into detail when completing these assignments. Which is always a good thing. I think a lot of people use you as a guide to see how to do theirs. Also, I liked how you did something different on the function analysis map.

  3. I think it was good Jaime and its definitely interesting to see how it works. Its a shame you ran out of cards as you were on the right track for your function analysis.

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