4 thoughts on “FT4: Morgan Dorris

  1. I agree with you that at the start of this class it was a little difficult to process all the new information. I think it is getting easier and the class will end up being a great class.

  2. I would agree that there was almost an overwhelming amount of information at the start of class but now that I understand where things are at I think it is a little easier and less overwhelming.

  3. This was great (to the point) feedback! Thank you! A couple thoughts:
    You said (regarding feedback): I have not. I do not see the immediate benefit as the material being reviewed has already passed. The same information can be given at the end of the course for later students to benefit.
    My question to you: Do you think you would remember everything the same at the end of the course? And… what if there was something I could change right away during the course? I wouldn’t know until the end of the class (missed opportunity).

    You said (regarding a SL textbook): I’d say you have your textbook already on your Medium blog post.
    My response: That’s exactly why the blog was so long!

    • Well you are very right regarding the feedback! I can tell you have already taken some feedback into action! I appreciate that!

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