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Blog Deconstruction: I deconstructed the “Cynefin Framework — Domains that can help in all environments! ” Blog

I think the writer did a good job of expressing the need for a solution to healthcare-related problems, and how to implement a solution using the Cynefin Framework.


-Cynefin Framework within the administration of healthcare.

I choose to direct my blog post toward the branch of home health care.

The Cynefin framework helps problem-solving by finding the right approach for the situation, not every problem has a one-size-fits-all solution.

There are complex, complicated, chaotic and obvious portions of problem-solving according to the framework.


I did complete the survey.



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I am from a small town in Western Kansas, I was home-schooled for most of K-12. I am currently working on a degree in Health and Human Performance, I am not sure what direction I will go once I have that degree.


  1. I like your point on “there is chaos in healthcare but there can be solutions”. Sometimes we need to learn to work with the chaos instead of fight it!

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