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KT5: Ryan Krajicek Su2020

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The Degrees of Freedom is the number of values that are included in a statistical data set. It indicates the range that the values can vary in an analysis. The larger the sample size, the more degrees of freedom, generally speaking. I completed the SurveyMonkey.

FT4: Ryan Krajicek Su2020

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This class is great computer tab calisthenics, and I say that in a positive nature – learning new programs and ways to look as information and compartmentalize ideas and problems is, I feel, one of the bigger points to a research methods class. I completed the SurveyMonkey.

EM3: Ryan Krajicek Su2020

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I will be doing a blog on the Cynefin Framework in Tests & Measurements in overall Health and Human Performance.  Some of the most challenging and/or tragic life events occur completely outside of our control.  Not only do I find the Cynefin Framework interesting enough to write and blog about it, I feel understanding it’s application… Continue reading

EM7: Amelia Kynion Summer 2020

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The Cynefin Framework is an excellent tool when teaching and understanding health and human performance. I’m honestly not sure if I hit the mark with this assignment – i’m still a tad confused on what is expected. But, overall I’m enjoying the course and definitely getting more used to Plectica. I completed the Survey… Continue reading

FT8 Hunter Brown Summer 2020

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I really struggled with this course in the beginning, but I’m glad I stuck it out and learned new concepts and new skills. Navigating through wordpress and using plectica got easier. At the end of the day I’m glad that I took this course! I completed the course eval.

KT6: Jordan Haney Summer 2020

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Cardiorespiratory fitness is the ability to perform large muscle, whole body physical activity of moderate to high intensity for relatively long periods of time. Cardiorespiratory fitness should be measured to decrease the risks of obesity, coronary artery disease, diabetes, most cancers, and reduce the symptoms of arthoritis. Also helps maintain bone density, and helps in… Continue reading