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Final Blog – Stress and Athletes Lisa Martin

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My final blog is about the positive and negative affects that stress has on athletes.  Being a former college athlete, I found this very interesting and it was really fun to write about.  I have been out of college for a long time now so it was great to think back and reminisce.… Continue reading

Lisa Martin FT 8 Summer 2020

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This class taught me how to use new programs.  At first I didn’t know if I would like Plectica or not but after continuing to use it I really enjoyed it.  I feel more organized when using Plectica and it is easier to follow what is being addressed.   Completed the end of… Continue reading

KT 6 Lisa Martin Summer 2020

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Cardiorespiratory fitness is the ability to perform large muscle, whole body physical activity of moderate to high intensity for long periods of time.  There are many ways to measure cardiorespiratory fitness.  It is important to stay on top of your health and by doing cardiorespiratory fitness you will have more energy and feel better overall… Continue reading

FT4 Lisa Martin Summer 2020

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I feel that I am getting better as the course goes on with using Plectica.  It still takes me a long time to complete assignments.  I am working hard to try to get used to this style! Completed the Survey Monkey