Leadership Challenges, strategies, and hiccups

My weekly blogs finished last week.  This week was the final measurements and post-participation surveys.  I only had approximately 20 of the 27 participants finalize the surveys but I feel like that was decent number.  My biggest leadership challenge has been the fact that the project site is almost two hours from my clinic site.   There were no issues throughout the duration of the 8 week blog publishings other than some verbiage tweaking and a minor alteration in schedule but I definitely had to depend on the administrative assistant on campus to ensure that the blogs published on time and I was thankful to have my faculty content specialist available if necessary.

Strategies:  The activities were very specific to the location and were created to fit well into the participants’ work day.  There were many participants that came to the lunch and learns.  It was a very positive atmosphere and all who participated seemed to really enjoy the topics.  There were also classes held by wellness center which ran congruently with the 8 weekly blogs which helped keep the participants motivated.  (That wasn’t organized by me but instead spotlighted in support of this project.)

Hiccups:  The only hiccups were the schedule conflict with homecoming week but I feel like we adapted to it well and really didn’t see any negative side effects of that.  I wish there were more participants but I loved the project and even though the numbers weren’t very high, all who did participate all unanimously stated that it was a positive experience and some even offered that they were disappointed to see it end.  (I’d call that a success!)

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  1. Hi Vicki,
    Can you believe we are this far in our projects? Dang! I have not got my data-analysis done, not really sure the best option at this point. I will be sending an email to Dr. Pahls, this week to see the best way to analyze the data. It sounds like you have had a very responsive group for the most part. Congratulations!

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