Leadership, Challenges, Strategies & Hiccups

Overall my project is on-time. Now, I will revise and get the proposal and the Survey to Dr. Pahls (statistician) at Hays, and get a time set up to speak with him concerning the statistical analysis.

Things are running smoothly at this time.  Data has been collected, it went reasonably well (240) responses to the survey (I thought it was 235). It was interesting that the largest group to respond were NPs that were in practice for 1-5 years.  I do feel that NP education now is more focused on EBP, guidelines are critical.  Compared to 22 years ago, when I first began practice as an NP, there are more states which are lifting the restriction to NP practice. This does make a difference.

I was asked recently to take a survey from a doctorate student that was an NP working on her Ph.D. with the University of Nebraska; she was reviewing states NPs who have full practice authority; did demographics make a difference? It was an excellent survey. I am confident she was going to get great information.  She was surveying 4 states that had full independent practice, New Mexico was one of them.


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  1. Glad that your project is running on time. It is exciting that you get to meet with dr. Pahls already. Do you have your analysis decided.

  2. I do not have a decision on the analysis. As I revise some areas of my project, I will have a better idea. Since I had to change how I was going to do data collection, this changed how I would do the analysis as well.
    Thanks for your question!

  3. Hi Kay,
    After your rough start, I am glad to see things are going smoothly. I had my phone conference with Dr. Pahls this week. I did not have to send him my proposal. We talked and I explained my project. He told me what test I will need to use and what analysis I will use. He also told me what additional data I needed. It was an excellent meeting. I just emailed him and he gave me his phone number to call. Maybe you can do that instead of sending him your proposal, unless you have already conversed with him. Just trying to save you a little time.

  4. I am looking forward to visiting with him. Not clear on the analysis. But, from your description of the experience, I will after that conversation. Thanks for your input.

  5. I like how we all now appreciate being part of other surveys and that the process of our projects has made us aware of the importance of our roles in advancing knowledge and science. I found it interesting that your greatest number of responders were from newer NPs. I’m sure that I will be eager to help do my part in that as well. Congratulations on it all running on time.

  6. Hi Vicki,
    I have done surveys in the past, however, now I take them very seriously. I truly think the newer practice NPs have been taught how important a guideline is, and that these are generally EBP.
    I say generally as I have seen junk on-line that has nothing to do with EBP; they are just things the author thinks is important.
    Thanks for your post!

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