FM17- Emma Ware

Here is my link to Plectica: I. Swarm Learning What is Swarm Learning?: Mostly the concept of group learning/group projects. Everyone shares information with one another. Strengths: You can learn from others, interacting with the group helps to improve your interpersonal skills. Weaknesses: Other people may not work well with others. The comments from… Read more FM17- Emma Ware

FM 17

I feel really bad throwing all of that text into a post, so here’s a link to my map.  I didn’t color it as nicely as it was freaking out this evening, not allowing me to make connections from the boxes or even letting me change the colors.


Plectica Map: What is meant by directionality of flows? This is aimed at patients, poviders, and policies that can move throughout the globe.  Like Medical tourism an individual is able to move around to find the best healthcare for them, and thier policy. What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could… Read more CM15