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What is meant by directionality of flows?

This is aimed at patients, poviders, and policies that can move throughout the globe.  Like Medical tourism an individual is able to move around to find the best healthcare for them, and thier policy.

What is meant by reverse innovation and explain how you could use the idea in healthcare administration?

Innovation should first start in smaller areas and then be adapted to fit a larger more developed environment.  Making innovation successful in a less developed location and then branding it into a well developed area or environment would be reverse innovation.

What is your Enneagram personality type? Why should you be aware of your personality type?

I am a type 2 and type 9 personality.  So the peacemaker and helper.  Knowing or being aware of which type of personality you are helps with future situations or conflicts that could be trouble some for yourself.  It is also good to be aware of what might be on the other side of the fence and understand how that person operates and their personality type.

Just for fun… what is your Enneagram spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a sloth/dog.  I can sense the difference when I have more personality within the sloth or the dog.  This possibly shifts from day to day but I can sense that for most of my life these characteristics are true to my personality.

What is 4-Ways of Seeing? Demonstrate the technique with an understanding of personality types.

X = You
Y = Dr. Schwandt

1. How you see yourself, team, mission, etc.
2. How the opposing side views itself.
3. How you view the opposing side.
4. How the opposing side sees you.

I absolutely saw myself as type 2, I can see how much I love to help people in general and ask for nothing in  return.  I can also see from another perspective, my wife, co-worker that I do have more type 9 personality in me than I first assumed.  Conflict makes me feel disorganized and keeping peace feels balanced so if there is conflict I work hard to balance the scales.  All though it may not be in one sides favor there is a compromise that both parties have agreed to.

What is String of Pearls? Demonstrate the technique using the concept of reverse innovation.

String of Pearls
1.) How well is the current EMR system running?
a.) Who is effected by the use of EMR?
b.) Are they satisfied with the product of EMR?
c.) How does this effect the provider/patient relationship?
d.) What current EMR software is working well in smaller clinics being used in South America?

Identify assumptons, dependencies and effects.

3.) Show similarities in the current system with in the U.S. and these other countries.
a.) Point out interests between both, what catches the eye and needs full attention.  Why are things done a certain way in one country compared to the U.S.

4.) Choose variables that have the most importance.
a.) show finds from other countries and shape the frame of reference  into how they can be adapted to U.S. systems.
b.) Give the strongest findings as a priority and adaptation from one culture to another.

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  1. I like what you did with your string of pearl example and using a couple of different countries compared to the US. The map for the example is very creative! It is always interesting to think about why healthcare industries differ so much across different countries. It is so different in New Zealand and South America compared to the US! Great post!

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