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Hi everyone! I did not answer the questions in the map because we already answered them in the a previous concept map, but I am happy to paste my answers here again if necessary.

Red Team Blog Outline:  Map Link on Plectica- https://www.plectica.com/maps/UNIEBJ28Y/edit/SAGOYS4MP


Thesis: Red Teaming as a military strategy tool is effective, but with more innovation and hard work, it could be implemented into the healthcare system as a method of advocating for all team members and their differing perspectives.

Blog APP: If you are looking to bring your healthcare team closer, start with Red Teaming! (Agree) It’s effective and allows for the expression of your team member’s opinions. (Promise) Don’t let your team fall behind, stay ahead of the curve to provide better care for your patients and your employees! (Promise)

What will be in the blog: Indication for Red Team use, how it can be effective in healthcare, Principles used in Red Teaming, Why challenging traditions is a good thing (Preview).

Body: Short, concise sentences to engage the readers!

Main Idea 1- What is Red Teaming/Why is it used?

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone; appreciate asymmetries in a problem, not everything is solved the same way
  • Forces the team to generate new ideas regardless of rank/status
  • Shift perspectives; find alternative solutions
  • Protection from biases
  • Learn that not everyone has the same beliefs/values as you do

Main Idea 2- Principles used in Red Teaming

  • Self-awareness & Reflection: Why do we believe the things we do? Base more of our actions on logic than emotion. Having SAR helps us remain open to new ideas & want to improve!
  • Groupthink Mitigation/Decision Support: Groupthink can be a problem because people feel pressured to agree with the group or not voice their own opinions, better decision making comes from making everyone feel like they can voice their opinion.
  • Fostering Cultural Empathy: Looks @ why people have different values, helps us understand their values/beliefs. Everyone believes things for a reason; comes from anthropological focus.
  • Applied Critical Thinking: understanding our own arguments, deconstructing others. ID our own biases, look at alternatives outside our comfort zone.

Main Idea 3- Challenging traditions, making improvements in healthcare

  • Healthcare is constantly changing; technology & ideas need to change with it.
  • Red Teaming challenges old ideas, making sure the new ideas help the team move forward
  • Challenges the assumption that you already know how to solve problems by finding alternatives through new ideas


Take Away: The use of Red Teaming in healthcare can help advance creativity in the workplace and stall the use of overused and depleted traditions.

  • Proven to be effective in the military, why can’t it move to healthcare teams?
  • Healthcare is obviously very different from the military, but the strategy can be used in the same way.

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  1. Great job on your map! I love how organized your outline looks. I am excited to read your blog on Red Team. It looks like you have a lot of good ideas and concepts to include in your blog!

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