4 thoughts on “Chris Payne CM9

  1. Hey Chris, You map is an inspiration and an aspiration. I saw your map and said “Anthony, You will do a map similar to his format”. Sadly by the time i had answered all the questions and had created like 5 other maps that i had to input in the final map, i was worn OUT!!! In the end, I went very basic with my map. You map is very neat and easy to follow with the questions aligned down the middle and all the responses and Maps next to them with relationship lines. Great choice on color coding too. You didn’t miss a thing!

  2. Thank you Anthony! I love stuff like this, and once I get focused on it I start thinking about how to apply it to my workplace, and I get excited and start writing notes, and then my brain doesn’t shut off, so I ended up getting to be at 2:00 am the next morning!

  3. Chris! This is definitely awesome! I can see how you can get a flow going once you have a pace and plan to get this presentation going.

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