EM3 by Josefina Howard

  1. Which option did you choose? I chose the Cynefin Framework.
  1. Why did you choose it? What interests you?I chose the Cynefin Framework because it is used to aid decision-making. It has five (5)      domains:
  • Simple/Obvious
  • Complicated
  • Complex
  • Chaotic
  • and Disorder/Confusion.

I am very interested in the Cynefin Framework because all of its domains represent cycles of my decision making throughout my life in the areas of family, military, ministry, education, entrepreneurship, and career. The pattern of decision-making is cyclical. I am reminded of the strategy that I learned from my husband who was a US Naval Aviator for more than twenty-three years – the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). It is a great tool for coping and decision-making. I look forward to studying the Cynefin Framework in depth.

  1. Do you plan on writing a blog or an essay?

Yes, I will write a blog or an essay. I am excited about learning more about the Cynefin Framework and its practical applications in all areas of my life. I think it offers a new of looking at the world and situations.

  1. What did you think of Rationaleonline.com?

I think RationalOnline.com is a very versatile tool to write essays, create outlines, maps, and presentations. It requires extra time and effort to learn how to use it but the resulting experience and practical skills learned are worth it. I recommended RationalOnline and Plectica to my husband who leads weekly Bible studies and mentors young men in leadership.

Josefina Howard’s Link to Plectica Map:


Josefina Howard’s Link to RationaleOnline Essay Outline/Map


RationaleOnline EM3 Assignment Blog/Essay Printable/Editable Outline Output


2 thoughts on “EM3 by Josefina Howard

  1. Josefina these maps are great. I also am looking into the Cynefin Framework and like how these domains are never stagnant. All situations and settings can move through these domains and once in the domains we can use the outlines with in the domains to go about fixing problems or keeping operations moving. I look forward to seeing your essay/blog, while also getting another perspective on this subject.

  2. Hey Josafina,
    Great choice on your topic and great write up about how you will incorporate it into the healthcare field. great use of images. I intended to use images and totally forgot until i just looked over your post. I will do better next time with making my more visually drawing to the eye. I had some confusing and limitations with rationale so i just used Plectica. but i mist say Rationale looks way better!

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