My name is Abiodun Adeyiga, many people call me Abby. I am from Nigeria and I have been in the United State since 1999. I speak two languages, “English and Yoruba.” I have 5 children, 4 boys, and a girl. The last child was a surprise to us because I became pregnant 9 months after my husband vasectomy but we are grateful for her.

I am a Registered Nurse who works in a rehab. I was an LPN for 5 years and became an RN 10 months ago. I worked in a Nursing Home for 5 years as an LPN and recently got a job in the hospital as an RN. I love being a Nurse because it is rewarding in many ways.

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  1. Katie Gabel (Instructor) at |

    Welcome to the course, Abby! Great to have you in two courses this semester.

    Make sure you go back and add the Module 1 tag to your post. This skill is important for upcoming assignments.

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