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Within the United States residents are given the right to vote on who is running to be the leader of their country. Something that other countries do not do.  There is a way for the general public’s opinion to be factored in to who will be running our country next by enforcing rights according to the 15th amendment. Every four years our nation takes a vote on who will be our president . Over the next two months the two party leaders from the Republicans and Democrats will go head to head in trying win the majority of our nations votes. As an American it is our right to vote and what better time to use the right given to you than in the 2020 election. As a voter it is important to understand a few things: who the candidates are, what their background is, what their policies will be, when they will be publicly speaking, where to view these speeches and consume their information, why these candidates are important, why their policies are meaningful, and how these policies will affect the general population.

Often politics is something people tend to avoid. Or, they believe that their opinion does not matter. This could not be farther from the truth. Young voters especially believe that either they do not know enough about the candidates, or they think that their vote does not matter. Here is why changing this mindset is so important. Often people with opinions have friends, and those friends have friends. Generally, people with similar interests are friends. Not only does one friend’s opinion matter, but if others with similar views register to vote there is a better chance for change to be made. It does not matter one’s political affiliation or views. Change is made when the people of the United States come together and agree on what is best for the nation. Now, this may come with a little effort and research, but it is a lot easier than one may think. This article will cover all of the aspects involved with the upcoming election to keep people informed and educated on all of the information that a presidential election will entail.

Introducing the first candidate for the 2020 election we have the Republican nominee, and our current president, Donald John Trump. President Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and is predominantly known as a successful businessman rather than a seasoned politician. But that factor has obviously not played a role in winning the support of many Americans. He is currently making an attempt at reelection and have four more years in the oval office. President Trump completed a historical run in 2016 behind is campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”.

After Mr. President received the Republican nomination once again, he made this statement on Aug. 28th in front of the White House, “in a new term as president we will again have the greatest economy in history. Quickly returning to full employment, souring incomes, and record prosperity. We will defend America against all threats and protect America against all dangers. We will lead America to new frontiers of ambition and discovery. And we will reach for new heights of national achievement”. His America first approach is something he plans to continue in this year’s campaign as well. According to donaldjtrump.com Mr. President plans to make a, “promise to the American people to lower taxes, repeal and replace Obamacare, end stifling regulations, protect our borders, keep jobs in our country, take care of our veterans, strengthen our military and law enforcement, and renegotiate bad trade deals, creating a government of, by and for the people”. Trump’s running mate will be that of Mike Pence, who will be assuming the same role as the previous four years as the vice president.

Now for the opposing candidate, Joe Biden. Biden, a graduate of the University of Delaware as well as Syracuse University, was the vice president during President Obama’s time in office from 2008 to 2016. The former vice president has a long history in politics unlike the opposing candidate, Donald Trump. Biden’s vision is shared with his running mate, Kamala Harris, who would be the first female vice president in United States history if Biden is elected as our 46th president.

The |Democratic presidential nominee has plenty on his to-do list if elected on Nov. 3rd . Biden spoke at the recent Democratic convention on August 20th and made this statement, “in times as challenging as these, I believe there is only one way forward, as a united America. United in our pursuit of a more perfect union. United in our dream of a better future for us and for our children. United in our determination to make the coming years bright. Are you ready? I believe we are”. According to joebiden.com, Biden plans to invest in the middles classes competitiveness, tackle to opioid epidemic, protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination, combat climate change by ensuring the U.S. reaches 100% clean energy economy while reaching zero emissions by 2050,  strengthen the commitment to justice and reform in the criminal justice system, end the gun violence epidemic, advance racial equality as a part of nations economic recovery, and provide veterans with world class health care to meet their needs. This is a short list with more information at his respective website.

Moving forward there a few important things everyone must do in order to do their part in this year’s election. There a lot of things people can do in order to prepare for the upcoming election such registering to vote, knowing the voting location, and being educated enough to vote on who is deemed appropriate to leader out country. Now more than ever is the time for people to vote, no matter their beliefs. Everyone’s voice will be heard, and everyone will be able to notice a link between public services we rely on and the decisions

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    I agree with everything Nick emailed you, so anything else is just extra little things

    The information you are conveying in the lede is good, a lot of extra or unnecessary words that could be pulled and make it more concise

    This particular story works better as an op/ed, so try to find ways to make future coverage of the topic a little more newsworthy. You can find a singular topic within your broader topic and focus on it and supplement it with interviews with experts and informed individuals. That said, this first story is more of an overview which lends itself more to the style in which you wrote it.

    Try to break the longer paragraphs down into smaller grafs, it makes it easier to read and keep thoughts grouped together

    I like that you included the links, just try to hyper link them if you can. Embedding the speeches was also a nice touch

    This is a really important topic and tackling it won’t be an easy feat, but I know you are up to the task. I would try to find a more narrow sub topic for the next story and that will help keep it on track!


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