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    While the questions you pose in your lede are good, and honestly questions a lot of people are probably asking themselves during this time, try to avoid using questions in your lede unless there is a very specific reason. Instead, use statements that convey those thoughts/questions such as something like:

    The world of sports at every level has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, and with uncertainty surrounding the safety of playing, blah blah blah…. That gets the same info across in a different way

    Try to keep words like “me, you, I, we, us, etc” our of your stories. Often the same statements can be made without saying one of those words. For example, your first sentence in your second graf could go this way

    Lucas Hammeke is one such athlete, who is not only playing one sport, but two.

    You won’t need to introduce the interview with saying “I had the chance” instead just go right into the quote or use background information to set up the statement. For example.

    Hammeke said playing football when he was younger helped motivate him to continue playing in high school.

    “I always played growing up….’

    You have a ton of good info in that second graf, try to separate out the thoughts into smaller grafs and put a little more detail into each one. That way you aren’t just mentioning a quick hitting thing like the recruiting then moving on. Instead you can spend a little more time on each subject and flesh them out a bit.

    What Nick said in his email holds true and I would suggest taking those ideas for story development. You have a great start here, and with a little fine tuning you will have some really nice stories!


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