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HaysMed is scheduled to have their annual drive-thru flu shot clinic on September 27 which is a Sunday. This is HaysMed’s 21st anniversary on offering the community and they are doing it to help insecure they the safety of the people of providing treatment of the flu so to not have Corona virus spread any further than it already had in the previous months here in Hays, KS.

These people are well standing citizens here of Hays Kansas doing their best to help the people the best the can with the current pandemic we as people are facing. The Corona virus can be transferred anywhere on the human body that provides mucus such as the nose and eyes when the flu gets involved the person who has the flu will have their immune system suppressed which makes that person a good target of the virus.

So do your part for your community and have your vaccination for not just your safety but for others as well.


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  1. Russell Heitmann at |

    You have some good information here on a really important topic.

    The next step is to take it beyond re-hashing information to making it an original story.

    You could speak with a medical professional on why getting a flu shot is important

    You could also talk to community members who both are or are not getting a flu shot and get their take on why they are or are not.

    This will make the story more personal and impactful.

    Give that a shot for next time and you will see how much it helps!

  2. Dr. Loggins at |

    If you haven’t sent Russel a different update, you can consider contacting HaysMed in the next couple of days to hear how the clinic went and what future clinics they will have. That can make the story more impactful, as Russell suggested, and allow you to revise the story for publication later this week.


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