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    Hi Nevin, I have a few different ideas to help you out.

    First, had I already mentioned that Trevor Pfeifer does a lot of stories in this area for TMN? Here’s his most recent article on the Cactus Collaroal EP: He’s be a great journalist for you to get ideas from!

    Also, great job outlining your 5 W’s. The best way to write a lede is to narrow those down and convert that into a lede sentence:

    The American Cancer Society of Kansas [who] is rasing money [what] through September X [when–should have last day of stream instead of an “X”] by streaming local performances in Facebook.

    Nut Graf could be pretty simple to:
    The organization is working with five Kansas bands [or is it Hays bands?] to raise money through is battle of the bands that it calls “Songs for Hope.”

    Then, continue to expand with the next most important thing for the readers to know.

    This isn’t, of course, the only way to start the story. But, it would work based upon your 5 W’s and H.


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