My name is Shayna Ede, a current sophomore at Fort Hays State University. I come from a very small town in southern Colorado where I lived for 19 years before coming to Hays. In Colorado, I was enjoying working on the family ranch and helping my father with horses and cattle. When it comes to free time, I enjoy relaxing outside, reading good books, and socializing with friends.

In high school I was very involved with band, so much that I came to FHSU to be a music education major and play in the marching band. However, I quickly found out that teaching band is not for everyone, so I decided to make the switch to journalism. In the future I would like to be involved with photojournalism. My lifelong goal (that I have had since I was around 12) is to get a photo and article into National Geographic Magazine. It may be a bit of a reach but maybe with a lot of hard work I can get there!

Living in the middle of nowhere Colorado (literally, I had 0 neighbors and had to drive 35 miles to get to school) I never really paid attention to anything except agriculture news, because nothing else really affected me. Now that I have moved to Hays I have started paying attention a little more, so that I can really get in on the world’s issues. I often see news articles of social media (I know, not the best source) and when I find an article I enjoy I do more research on the topic.

Here are some of my favorite pictures, I hope to take pictures like this for other cowboy and western magazines and newspapers!


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  1. Dr. Loggins at |

    That’s such an awesome career goal, let’s make it happen! Step One, what do you know about National Geographic and what it expects? 😉

    Small towns are interesting. I enjoyed living in Glendale Springs, it was beautiful. But, the Wikipedia entry doesn’t even bother to mention population. I heard there were 100 addresses in the town, and the population doubled in the summer when the campers came to Racoon Holler.,_North_Carolina

  2. Margaret Allen at |

    Shayna, those are great photos. Keep at it. Your goal is doable.
    Here’s a Hays High grad who went on to become a Nat Geo photographer: And here’s another who was from a small town in Nebraska, worked at the Wichita Eagle here in Kansas, and became a Nat Geo photographer:

    Your ag background in the American west gives you a unique and valuable perspective, as well as an insider’s contacts into that world. Good luck with your dream! — Margaret


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