Chapter 1 Activity 1 Instructions

MikesPhotos / Pixabay

Assigned to Kerisa & David and any virtual student(s) interested in addressing this activity.

Learning Objective: Explore the specific functions the press performs to fulfill democratic needs

To explore how the press performs its five core functions in a democracy, examine a local or national media outlet (newspaper, website, newscast, etc.) and for each of the functions (Informs, analyzes, interprets and explains; Investigates; Creates a public conversation; Helps generate social empathy; Encourages accountability) find at least one example of content that illustrates it. Share and explain your findings with the rest of the class. Did you find content that performed multiple functions? Was it more difficult to find examples of some functions than others?

Please create a post in the blog and then comment on your peers’ posts for the other two activities.

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