Module 3 – Activity 4 Post Instructions

Tumisu / Pixabay

Find the NPR ethics guidelines at their website. Under “Impartiality,” several guidelines talk about journalistic independence and the appearance of objectivity. Choose one guideline (for example: “Don’t sign, don’t advocate, don’t donate”) and discuss your reactions to it in this blog post category “Module 3 – Activity 4”.

  • Then discuss among the class whether the policy goes too far, not far enough or is just right.
  • Why might the NPR guidelines be tougher in this area than those of other U.S. news outlets?

Now consider reporters covering sports, fashion or entertainment.

  • Should they be held to the same standards as those covering politics?
  • Does a one-size-fits-all policy work?

Please post your thoughts under category of “Module 3 – Activity 4”. After you make a post for this activity, please check your peers’ posts for the other two activities and leave comments on their posts. Please also reply to your peers’ comments on your own post.

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