1st Beat Story Instructions

You’ll do a little detective work to gather additional research on your beat or just organize your research better. Then, you’ll write your first story for TMN. You can complete these tasks in the third or fourth week of class.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. [Blog Post] Share your work from Preparing Your First Stories. This should be:
    • Notes from any journalists you talk to.
    • Notes on how you will cover the beat in person.
    • A document with links to online resources.
    • A reference list for offline material that can help.
    • A calendar you created of important events in your beat through the end of the semester.
    • Archival notes.
    • Dissection of your story: 5W’s, H, lead, nut graph, at least three quotes you can use from at least two different people.
  2. [Article] Use your dissection to write your first article and post it to this blog.
    • Use a good article headline for your post’s title.
    • Be sure to include a visual AND copyright information for that visual.
    • Include relevant links in the story.

If you haven’t started on Craft & Davis (2016) yet, head on back to Module 2 when you are ready.

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